4 Replies on “Week 1: 19th – 26th of March, 2021

  1. To make way for a new railway HS2 , a 250 year old pear tree , still bearing fruit was chopped down last October to make way for new track.I was appalled to read that until it was explained that they had taken cuttings before disposal to create 80 saplings to be planted in a new wood nearby. Maybe this is the future with the march of moderisation.

    1. There are always excuses, and then I often wonder what will happen when the saplings get to maturity? Thanks for commenting Brian

  2. I admire what you are doing
    I have started to sow beech seed and acorns in pots
    I am wondering why they don’t seem to grow much from year to year any thoughts or reasons?

    1. Hi, Liam thanks!

      I’m not quite sure why this is, it might have something to do with them growing slower in pots. We had that very discussion here this morning about an oak grown from an acorn and how it never really got any bigger in a pot. Having said that both those trees are very slow-growing.

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