Week 3: 3rd – 9th April

This week’s tree is a Magnolia (Okay not exactly native, but I made an exception here) When we first moved to the Calendar Road all I wanted was a magnolia tree/shrub. It took a while to find one and it grew much slower than other trees here at the time – but each each year it blooms without fail, sometimes twice. So when we were thinking of trees we thought it might be nice to have another to encourage it. Here she is. We planted this magnolia for all the creative people we have met through work, friendship and family.

I and Jho produced and presented an arts show for almost a decade. This radio show put us in contact with so many talented people and some of the best friends too. We produced the Literary Tour for Lyric FM for more than a year and travelled the country meeting some of Ireland’s top writers. In 2009 we decided to start a podcasting site championing writing, and music and this site also brought us in contact with a host of creatively gifted friends. Our work producing radio dramas has also connected us with a group of talented actors who continue to amaze us!

Within our own families, we are blessed to have musicians, artists and writers. We have also had the pleasure of virtually meeting so many creative people thanks to online events and our work in internet radio.

It’s been a really tough year for the Creative Industry, and the outlet that they create in many ways has fallen silent. We hope that just like the magnolia which flowers with a flourish, all will return soon, and we can attend our plays, concerts, and readings.

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