The Tree Project gets a boost!

To spill passed angelica and bird’s-foot trefoil, down to the meadowsweet of the long acre.

Extract from Scarecrows written by Sinéad McClure

Below, Deacon and I are enjoying the late Autumn in what we call The Long Acre. This is the strip of land where the majority of the trees will be planted over the next year. We had promised to plant a tree a week, of course, we are getting to the end of the season for planting so many of the trees will be cuttings, and slips planted in pots to wait patiently. Trees have planted themselves down here, mainly alders and grey willows. I planted alder in July and also a row of sallies. All thriving, years later.

I have some news that may add expediency to the entire project though. An absolute gift! The Tree Council of Ireland is donating 100 trees to the project, 50 of which will be oak! This gesture means so much to us here. In the last few years, I began to despair over the felling of local trees. Especially the big oak taken down on the far side of the railway tracks in 2019. Soon with our own two already planted, there will be a year worth of oak here.

The Tree Council of Ireland despite their moniker are not affiliated to any government department. They are a registered charity, a non-government funded organisation and they carry out trojan work on behalf of trees. I will post more about them in the coming weeks.

So the long acre will perhaps become a future forest albeit a small one. Now we’ll just have to plan where to put them all! We’ll have more news on the donated trees when they arrive here.

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