Week 4: 10th-16th April

Thanks to the Tree Council of Ireland’s marvellous donation we received 150 (?) I think I haven’t counted them all, trees this Wednesday. Such a wonderful gift, and we really appreciate it. Today I managed to plant 6 oaks – These are all bare root trees between 2 and 4 ft tall, at the moment they are hardly noticeable, a bit like planting a rooty twig. I’m hoping to get a few more oaks in before weeks end. I have 44 more to go. It sounds like an onerous task but it isn’t really, it’s just finding the best spots for them to make the most of their habitat. Also, I’m up against it with regards to the planting season to get them straight into the ground.

We received 100 birch trees which will make up the majority of next week’s planting schedule. So lots of planning before planting between now and week five.

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