A small milestone

I’d like to go by climbing a birch tree~ And climb black branches up a snow-white trunk Toward heaven…

Robert Frost

Thanks to the good weather I managed to plant 46 birch trees this weekend. This evening I decided to put a few up in the top acre. This land has been left to go completely wild but it’s bordered by forestry, this is mostly evergreen woods, and they were planted a year after we moved here. bordering that about 4 trees deep are more birch, and I have replaced some that succumbed to the harsh weather or the poor planting over twenty years ago.

I noticed three things up here, (I haven’t visited for a while). There are a few trees appearing by themselves and I counted approximately 25. A mix of alder, birch and grey willow all self-seeded and I note they are growing quite close together naturally. Ruby and Deacon had great fun with all the new scents as deer have indeed been up here in the last few days and have left their leavings about. Tantalising to dogs for some reason :).

And finally, I noticed how the sky looked, almost biblical. This is after a day of blue sky. This is such a lovely spot, it’s a difficult walk up as the land is very uneven and the grass and rushes long, but I’m so happy to have it. So delighted I can still walk up here and look at that sky. The perfect way to celebrate reaching the 50 plus planting mark! 46 birch, 12 oak and one magnolia. Now, isn’t that just grand?

2 Replies on “A small milestone

  1. Elegant satin gowned
    lady of the woods.
    Reaching for the stars
    Fine fingers dancing ghost like in the breeze.
    Her ever watchful gaze inspires new beginnings.
    Let her lead you’re visions into magical moments.

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