Week 12

This weeks tree is the mountain ash also known as the rowan. We took cuttings in the spring and hope to have this tree planted in the long acre in the autumn. Pictured is one of two trees we brought from West Sligo and the beautiful Gleneaskey, where we spent our first few years in Sligo and a place that confirmed to us, this is where we want to stay. The tree is planted in memory of Jho’s Da and it’s the first year it has truly come into its own, after being in this spot for 22 years – there’s another rowan just behind which was planted in memory of Jho’s sister in law Proinsias and it was fitting as we had brought both cuttings from her garden. Over the years, we have let the area go completely wild, so it’s alive with birds and insects. We also planted a line of sallies 20 years ago and they are now standing proud, and as usual, some alders planted themselves.

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