Week 13, 14 & 15

The hazel is a tree that grew in abundance around these parts. It grows in the hedgerow, and some years (when hedgerow is allowed to grow well) hazelnuts can be scattered all along the Calendar Road. In our garden, we have native hazel growing in the hedgerow and also three hazel trees we planted ourselves. Unfortunately, we lost one to high winds a few years ago, however, it has come back in bush form, with lots of branches that should be ripe for transplanting. Come Autumn we hope to plant at least three hazels in the long acre. For now they are affording me a little break for summer.

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  1. Always enjoy the updates from your Calendar Road and sometimes there are similarities to our area in Northwest Georgia United States. Miss your Audio Podcast as well because you do a great job in bringing your walk to life! Thank you for sharing with us! Many Regards and have a Wonderful Week. Give our bet to Jho.

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