Week 16- 19 July 3rd – 30th

Oak planted in May

Walking the long acre yesterday in the rain I noticed that some of the tiny oak trees are really starting to look stronger.  But many have not come on, I have a feeling that the late frosts were far more destructive to the oaks.  The birches are thriving and I can see them poking up even taller than the grasses.  We are in week 16 now and although no trees are being planted in summer I have been thinking about the autumn and what will happen then.  Already I am planning to replace some of the oaks that haven’t made it – at least 1 a week for the rest of July. Seeing oaks coming on at all is such a joy. They aren’t a tree of this area. We do tend to have boggy, marshy lands. Whatever thrives will be a bonus. A forest of the future wouldn’t be the same without oaks, so fingers crossed these little guys continue to prosper.


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